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Here at Holidaybank we are committed to offering the very best service we can to our customers and we’ve been working behind the scenes to ensure the new Holidaybank website not only looks great, but is also packed with extra information and additional features that will make choosing a holiday property even easier! What’s more, we’re investing heavily in search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising to ensure our superb looking new website continues to rank highly with the search engines. Unlike much of the competition, Holidaybank operates an extensive year-round marketing programme. Plus, you can now sign up to Book Online, the simple solution that allows you to take bookings and payments online.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: If you already advertise on one of our other websites (Chez Nous, Stilwell’s Cottages Direct, Italian Life or Book With Me) you will need to access your Advertiser Account through the Advertiser Console for that brand. All bookings irrespective of the website that the customer booked from will be listed in that console for you to accept.