Villas in the Pyrénées

Bask in the view of magnificent mountains which dominate the landscape that surrounds holiday villa in the Pyrénées.  The natural aspects not only provide excellent vistas but also supply an abundance of activities for those looking for a more energetic holiday.  Embark on a hike in the mountains or enjoy mountain biking in a warm climate.  You can of course venture from a holiday villa in the Pyrénées and take advantage of this opportunity to go skiing.  There are provisions for beginners and more experienced skiers alike at local skiing shops and centres.

The natural border between France and Spain is an excellent holiday destination and by staying at a holiday villa in the Pyrénées you can benefit from exploration of the mountains and discover the delights of the surrounding towns and cities.  There are excursions available, organised by local businesses in the area which include walks into the mountains to look for birds of prey and animals native to the area such as isards and marmots.  There are guided walking and climbing tours which can also be booked locally.  As you venture from a holiday villa in the Pyrénées, there are many picturesque towns in the area for you to peruse at your leisure and you will soon become enthralled by the local culture that greets you.  Relax and absorb the atmosphere at one of the many local caféswhich spill onto the side streets of these quaint towns.

The beautiful town of Foix in the Pyrénées is home to a particularly fabulous castle which peers down at the town below from its rocky elevation.  For those of a more energetic nature, you may want to climb the elevated paths to reach this impressive structure and marvel at the ornate architecture of Foix castle. It is estimated to have been built around the year 1000 and would be a perfect place to visit when you are staying at a villa in the Pyrénées. 

Every year the town of Foix hosts a week dedicated to medieval revelry, with countless entertainers and displays of combat such as jousting.  Experience the delights of French history as the town transforms into a celebration of all things from this historic period.  You may enjoy travelling along the underground river in Foix, which is Europe’s longest traversable sub-terrain river.

From a holiday villa in the Pyrénées you can travel to the town of Lourdes which is a beautiful area of France with stunning landscapes.  This is a busy town drawing tourists from all over the world and is therefore ideal for those wishing to experience global cultures. Overlooking Lourdes is Le Pic du Jer, with its nocturnal luminescent cross.  You can climb to the summit in the century-old cable car, which brings you to the peak in just six minutes.  From this height you will receive excellent views over Lourdes and the Pyrénées. 

If you require a holiday at a villa in the Pyrénées which encapsulates the local French customs then perhaps stay in the Midi-Pyrénées region.  Sample the authentic fine foods of the region.  The Midi-Pyrénées produces a variety of succulent cheeses made from cows’, goats’ and ewes’ milk.  Interestingly, you can also obtain, ‘cabécou’ which is a cheese created from a blend of all three milks.  There are many diverse culinary experiences for you to discover and when you stay at a holiday villa in the Pyrénées you can taste the ultimate in French cuisine. 

The holiday villas in the Pyrénées are situated in many different towns and villages, each with distinct cultural and historical contributions.  Whether you wish to hike through hills and mountains, or you prefer to relax in a private pool at the end of a day exploring the castles and monuments, there is a holiday villa in the Pyrénées in a location to suit you.