Villas in Languedoc

With a rich heritage and a myriad of scenery including sandy beaches, lush vineyards and rugged mountains, Languedoc-Roussillon has something to appeal to every visitor.  Villas in Languedoc-Roussillon offer the ideal accommodation for a variety of holidays, whether visitors are looking for adventure, culture or relaxation.  There is always something new to see and do, from discovering the region's history on scenic trails showcasing sights like the Cathar Castles to admiring impressive natural structures like the limestone caves of Grotte des Demoiselles.  Villas in Languedoc can also be found close to quaint towns, seaside ports and vibrant cities like Montpellier, allowing you to indulge in some of the local culture with a range of boutiques, markets, theatres and museums.

There are countless areas of natural beauty near many villas in Languedoc-Roussillon where visitors can admire its diverse landscapes.  The region is blessed with a 150 mile coastline, where a multitude of sandy beaches can be found clinging to the sparkling waters.  One of the most impressive and longest of these is the Espiguette beach which is famed for its beauty, soft sands and impressive sand dunes.  Close to this attraction and also worth a visit is Carmague, the ideal site for admiring nature whilst staying in villas in Languedoc.  Made up of expansive marshland and lakes, the area is not only picturesque, it is home to hundreds of bird species including flamingos as well as wild white horses and bulls.

Guided tours can often be a worthwhile and interesting pursuit.  For those who prefer to explore independently, villas in Languedocare surrounded with plenty of history which can be discovered in its plethora of museums and galleries.  One such highlight is the Musée Fabre in Montpellier, which features one of France's finest art collections with a superb selection of paintings from the 17th to 19th century.

The sheer range of terrains in the region means that there are many activities to enjoy whilst staying in Villas in Languedoc.  The area lends itself to a variety of land, water and air based pursuits, which range from walking along some of the 4,400 miles of footpaths to soaring across the magnificent landscape in a hot air balloon.  Activities such as horse riding, tennis and golf are all well catered for around villas in Languedoc and various centres and clubs dedicated solely to these pursuits can be found scattered across the region.  Sports such as skiing and snowboarding are also available in the winter months for those frequenting villas in Languedoc close to the slopes of the Pyrénées or Cévennes mountains.  In the summer months, the mountains and surrounding lakes and rivers are ideal for hiking, climbing, fishing, white water rafting and canoeing. 

Villas in Languedoc-Roussillon are surrounded by a wealth of fresh local produce, most of which is largely sourced from the great quantity of flourishing olive groves and vineyards that grow throughout the area.  There is a variety of culinary delicacies to try, from Castelnaudary's traditional bean and meat casserole of Cassoulet to a black cherry based dessert named Clafoutis.  Other tasty treats found close to villas in Languedoc-Roussillon include crunchy almond biscuits called Croquants, oysters fresh from the Mediterranean Sea, sought after truffles and the olive based tapenade spread.  Cuisine is a large part of the local culture and there is an abundance of fruits and vegetables from the region's fertile soils and fresh fish from the close proximity to the sea.  Guests staying at villas in Languedoc can try some of these delicacies in charming eateries and Michelin Star Restaurants.

With picturesque scenery at every turn from sweeping beaches to grandiose mountains, there is a setting to inspire every holidaymaker staying at villas in Languedoc.  Each property offers its own range of facilities, which can include entertainment systems, internet access, cots and high chairs, patios with barbeques, extra parking and swimming pools.  Whatever your particular needs, there are Villas in Languedoc-Roussillon to match your holiday.