Villas in Corsica

The idyllic island of Corsica is a year-round resort that enjoys a typically Mediterranean climate.  Holiday villas in Corsica range from authentic and cosy to luxurious and modern, and many of the villas are equipped with their own private pools.  The advantage of booking holiday villas in Corsica is that you are free to relax and enjoy your time away however you wish, whether you like exploring lively towns, taking long walks in the countryside or simply soaking up the sun on one of the island's two hundred beaches.

Corsica is a volcanically formed island that is situated just off the West Coast of Italy in the Mediterranean Sea.  It boasts diverse coastline and is mountainous with the highest peak, Monte Cinto rising 2706 metres (8878 feet) above sea level.  Despite its proximity to Italy, the language spoken on the island is French.  Corsica is an alluring island scattered with vineyards, olive groves, Roman ruins and picturesque churches.  From peaceful nature reserves to bustling harbours, there is always something new to see when you hire holiday villas in Corsica. You will find that the locals are very proud of their rich heritage and are laid back and welcoming.

Not surprisingly, the food on Corsica is a fantastic fusion of both French and Italian cuisine and you will find that most restaurants in the touristic areas serve many pasta dishes, pizza and cured meats.  However, as you travel further inland into towns and villages in the mountains you will discover a more diverse range of local delicacies such as wild boar, trout and rabbit.  When you hire a holiday villa in Corsica you will notice that the locals tend to vary their diets to whatever food is in season.  Clementines are a rather special product of Corsica as the island is the only region of France that produces them.  You will also find a great deal of olive oil and honey production, as well as many varieties of mushroom and perhaps most famously, chestnuts. 

Castagniccia is the largest chestnut forest in the world and was planted by Corsicans during the Middle-Ages to ensure that the island would be self-sufficient in its food production.  Today, locals use chestnut flour in a lot of their baked products.  Holiday villas in Corsica are predominantly self-catering which provides you with an exciting opportunity to try lots of these delicious local delicacies which are available to buy at the markets.

When you hire holiday villas in Corsica there are so many glorious beaches to enjoy that each day could be spent on a different one.  Booking a holiday villa in Corsica also gives you the perfect opportunity to try some water sports such as snorkelling, scuba diving and windsurfing.  Porto-Vecchio is a particularly popular coastal town to visit for its beaches and there is also a lively marina with cafés and restaurants where music and entertainment bring the streets to life during the summer evenings.  While staying in a holiday villa in Corsica you might also visit the resort of Propriano, another popular beach resort, and L'Île Rousse which also boasts some fascinating architecture, stylish boutiques and restaurants together with a delightful undercover market.

Hiring holiday villas in Corsica can also be the perfect base for exploring towns and villages further inland, as well as taking some breathtaking walks in the mountains.  The Gorges de Spelunca and the Gorges de la Restonica are spectacular river gorges that are popular with hikers, offering inviting river pools in which to cool off during the heat of the day.  Another popular walk is to the Lac de Creno, a beautiful lake with a glass-like surface that mirrors the pine trees on the surrounding shores.  The island is home to a number of nature reserves and staying in holiday villas in Corsica gives you the chance to spot rare wildlife such as golden eagles, bearded vultures, wild boar and wildcats.  Scandola Nature Reserve is only accessible by boat but gives you the opportunity to experience some of Corsica's endearing coastline and its inhabitants such as cormorants, giant gulls, seals and dolphins, as well as occasional sightings of ospreys. 

Hiring a holiday villa in Corsica is a fantastic way to spend some time away, leaving you completely to your own devices.  Whether you want to be situated close to a beach, near a vibrant town or in the serenity of the mountains, you are sure to find some suitable holiday villas in Corsica on the website.  Take some time to browse through the list to find the perfect villa for you.