Granada Villas

The southern area of Spain plays host to the spectacular city of Granada. This is the ideal location for a vacation amongst superlative culture and lush natural aspects.  Experience authentic Spanish cuisine and history as you explore the wonderful areas surrounding a Granada villa.  The province is home to the famous Alhambra, a collection of ornate palaces and beautiful gardens dating from the Nazari Dynasty of the 14th century.  Fountains and stunning floral displays decorate the gardens of the palaces with the apical Spanish mountain range of Sierra Nevada acting as the plinth on which this compound is displayed.

When you holiday at a villa in Granada you can participate in many activities, including swimming, quad biking, caving and water sports.  The mountainous terrain of the surrounding landscapes offers the adventurous traveller the opportunity to enjoy winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing.  If you wish to take a more relaxed approach to your holiday at a villa in Granada, you can visit the nearby beaches and experience the wonderful coves, caves and warm sands of the Spanish coast.  You can also enjoy the lush scenery upon horseback and follow nature trails on a leisurely ride through stunning vistas and beautiful coastal terrain.

Relax at a villa in Granada and take full advantage of the surrounding areas.  Witness the natural beauty this city has to offer and enjoy the numerous national parks, protected areas of conservational interest and wetland habitats.  Venture to the national parks of Doñana and Sierra Nevada in Andalucía.  You can access Doñana National Park via a previously booked guided tour and will be introduced to the many beautiful views and walking routes available.  When staying at a villa in Granada, take the opportunity to visit the Sierra Nevada National Park.  This park is accessible to the public without prior booking and there are a multitude of routes exclusively for bicycles and walkers.  Just a short distance from a villa in Granada you can appreciate the beauty of the parks which are preserved by the promotion of non-motorised vehicles and you can absorb the stunning surroundings of the parks on horse back, upon bicycle or on foot.

As you enjoy your holiday at a villa in Granada amidst the many natural wonders of the region, why not visit the array of historical monuments and museums proudly displaying the intriguing history of Spain?  The Archaeological Museum offers insight into the prehistoric era as well as displaying artefacts from the Phoenician and Iberian cultures.  For the more technologically minded there is the Science Park which is a colossal interactive museum comprising of an expanse of over 70,000 metres².  There are numerous exhibition spaces housing displays such as “The Pavillion for the journey through the Human body” and “The Techno Forum Pavillion” which showcases advances in technology and science.  When you stay at a villa in Granada and visit this museum, you can also experience the impressive astral observatory and delight in the wonders of the solar system through the Stevenson Professional telescope.  With over fifteen exhibitions to visit, you will be mesmerised and entertained for hours on end.

When you venture from the comfort of a villa in Granada, perhaps you will be enticed by the delightfully exotic experience that can be had at one of the Moorish tearooms or “teteria”.  Here you may choose to recline on scatter cushions and sip fragrant infusions surrounded by the bohemian set of Spain as you ponder your next cultural excursion or nature walk.  Some villas in Granada feature outdoor pools and al fresco dining areas with play areas for any children who may accompany you on your holiday.  These villas in Granada provide an ideal base from which you can explore the surrounding province of Granada and beyond. 

When you stay at a holiday villa in Granada you can visit the many restaurants and bars in the area offering local and international cuisine.  You may find an Arab influence in many of the dishes with regard to the abundance of spices and herbs used.  A delectable array of fresh garden vegetables is usually used in the creation of mouth-watering delicacies and you will find that stews and meat dishes feature heavily on the Andalucían menu.  The typical desserts of the region are tantalisingly sumptuous and you can savour treats such as sweetened pumpkin and syrup-soaked pastries oozing with fresh cream. 

Granada is an incredible province with endless possibilities for excursions and cultural discoveries.  Relax in comfortable accommodation with many attractions and activities within close proximity to the villa. Indulge in the local food and immerse yourself in the Spanish culture when you stay at a villa in Granada.