Fuengirola Villas

A short distance from Malaga Airport lies the ideal holiday destination for those in search of activity and culture.  Fuengirola is a bustling town that emanates cosmopolitan sophistication whilst exuding historical charm.  When you reside at a villa in Fuengirola you can experience an array of activities and sightseeing opportunities.  This town was previously a small village renowned only for its fishing but has transformed into a thriving holiday destination, which still retains its old town charm.  Fuengirola boasts five miles of soft sandy beaches and inviting, glistening coastline which makes it the ideal location for those pursuing water sports.

When you stay at a villa in Fuengirola you can explore its varied history.  The town originates from the occupation of the Phoenicians and you will also observe the remains of the Roman influence in Torreblanca, which houses the remains of Roman roads and thermal baths.  From a villa in Fuengirola you can venture to the surrounding architectural delights, including Sohail Castle which stands majestically upon a hill beside the sea.  For further insight into the history of the locale perhaps peruse the Roman ruins at Torreblanca or marvel at the artefacts in the History Museum of Fuengirola.  This museum houses many exhibits detailing the prominent stages in the town’s history.

At the centre of the town and in close proximity to many villas in Fuengirola, is the Parish Church of 'Nuestra Señora del Rosario Coronada', which for the majority of the townspeople signifies the true epicentre of the area.  Its beautiful interior makes for interesting perusal and its exterior displays Baroque designs.  If you are searching for more adventurous activities whilst staying at a villa in Fuengirola perhaps take advantage of the town’s coastal location and partake in some water sports.  Popular pastimes range from rides on pedalos to exhilarating jaunts on water-skis.  A holiday at a Fuengirola villa provides the opportunity for children and adults alike to enjoy the aqua parks in the region which have a range of undulating slides and exciting water based rides.

Staying at a villa in Fuengirola allows you to purchase many local items if you so wish and you will find stalls and shops selling handmade pieces constructed from pottery, metal and wood, each demonstrating the fine craftsmanship of the region.  There is an extensive variety of boutiques and modern shopping outlets close to the villas in Fuengirola, which provide everything from souvenirs to unique and sophisticated attire for the more discerning tourist.  The Plaza de la Constitucion is a parade of designer shops and high street stores offering a varied selection for those who enjoy shopping.  The beach façade is also a prominent location for the purchase of quality clothing. 

The town is renowned for its festivals and by residing at a villa in Fuengirola you will benefit from being amidst the exciting events that occur throughout the year.  April presents the International Festival or “La Feria de los Pueblos” with its colourful, globally themed fairground which takes you on a journey through fifty countries of the world.  Sample delicious beers at the mini German market and be entertained by traditional Irish dancers, all in the same festivity-filled location. 

The summer is a season for parties and when you choose to holiday at a villa in Fuengirola you can enjoy being among the lively Spanish festivities on a unique vacation.  Winter is not exempt from the fiesta atmosphere and if you visit in October you can enjoy the Fuengirola Fair with bars, restaurants and music venues being created within a fairground exuding merriment and celebration.  The area of Andalucía, within which Fuengirola resides, has many appealing restaurants and cafés, offering a diverse range of cuisines.  You can savour the traditional tapas of Spain alongside Moroccan dishes.  Perhaps you would prefer Japanese and Chinese foods on your stay at a villa in Fuengirola.  Whatever your preference, you will be sure to find foods to enliven your taste buds.  You can dine by the lapping waves of the sea and feast on fresh seafood in the finest of restaurants or choose simpler fare at an eatery further inland.

Enjoy the Spanish lifestyle with a holiday at a Fuengirola villa and create delightful memories with a spectacular European vacation. With so much to enjoy, from museums to festivals, every moment of your holiday at a Fuengirola villa can be filled with an abundance of entertainment.