Umbria Villas

A captivating scene of lush river valleys and fruit groves overlooked by rolling hillsides and mountain peaks, the landscape of Umbria is the ideal setting for a relaxing and picturesque holiday.  Also abundant in ancient treasures and cultural delights, the region is able to offer visitors to an Umbria villa an array of sightseeing opportunities, ranging from spectacular natural wonders to traditional Italian towns. 

Whether you would prefer to explore remarkable destinations, uncover fascinating antiquities or just sit back with an authentic Italian coffee in the comfort of an Umbria villa, the possibilities are endless in this beautiful location.

Situated in central Italy, Umbria is known as the country’s ‘green heart’ and is one of its smallest regions.  Many Umbria villas can be found in idyllic rural settings close to interesting attractions, and the region has an invitingly tranquil atmosphere.  The majority of sites can be reached from an Umbria villa by using public transport such as a bus or train, but it is recommended to hire a car if you would like to discover some of the region’s more hidden rural gems.

The area has a remarkable past which visitors to an Umbria villa can still see today.  From Etruscan arches and Roman ruins to Renaissance artwork, historic highlights are scattered across the region.  Many have a religious significance such as the World Heritage Site of the Basilica of San Francesco, which is located in the town of Assisi, the place where St Francis was born. 

Those who rent a villa in Umbria can visit many other inspirational churches and chapels across the region, including the magnificent Duomo di Orvieta, an Italian Gothic cathedral adorned with colourful frescos and intricate carvings.  The history of the region is diverse and guests in an Umbria villa are never too far away from stunning architecture or a fascinating museum and gallery. Umbria has a number of towns which are well worth a visit and each has its own unique appeal.

The city of Perugia is the region’s capital and tourists staying in an Umbria villa within reasonable distance can see a number of attractions in its historic square as well as several museums, including the region’s national gallery.  Those choosing to rent a villa in Umbria in the month of July can also enjoy its annual jazz festival, whereas people craving something sweet may wish to visit in October and join in the popular Eurochocolate festival.  Other places of interest to visitors staying in an Umbria villa include the charming medieval hill-top towns of Todi and Gubbio, and the town of Spello, which is located on Mount Subasio and still displays monuments of its Roman origins.

The region’s amazing natural landscape also holds its fair share of attractions for guests who book an Umbria villa and offers the chance to enjoy some incredibly scenic walks and trails.  One of the major highlights is the Trasimeno Lake, where visitors can indulge in a number of outdoor activities whilst admiring the lake’s tranquil waters and nearby historic villages.  Other sights of natural beauty which may be found close to an Umbria villa include the famously picturesque Clitunno Springs and the Orvieto Caves.  Another worthwhile place to visit is the Marmore waterfall.  Originally created by the Romans to aid the water flow of the River Velino, this artificial wonder offers some truly spectacular views.

Many Umbria villas are self-catering, which provides guests with ample opportunity to seek out some of the regions many fine restaurants or a vibrant local market.  Cuisine is an important part of Italian culture, with an emphasis on the use of fresh ingredients in simple yet delicious recipes.  Each area that surrounds an Umbria villa offers a wealth of home grown produce, ranging from traditionally cured meats to Castellucio lentils, which are said to be some of the best lentils in the country.  If you really want to treat yourself during your time at an Umbria villa, the area is also renowned for its black truffles and sought after white truffles, which are found in the forests close to locations such as Norcia.

An Umbria villa can be found to accommodate all sizes of groups.  Simply use the straightforward search options on the website to create a list of suitable properties and select the one which matches your needs.  Booking the Umbria villa that you choose is just as easy, which means that you can have your ideal accommodation secured in no time at all.