Tuscany Villas

Boasting incredible natural beauty and a wealth of magnificent art and architecture, the region of Tuscany offers something new to discover with every visit.  The area attracts a variety of tourists to holiday villas in Tuscany and presents a diverse range of attractions, from gourmet Italian cuisine and famous wines to an insight into the region’s incredible past and cultural achievements.  There are many interesting destinations to visit from a Tuscany villa where you can observe an assortment of frescos, paintings and monuments that have shaped the art world, particularly during the Renaissance period.  The landscape’s spectacular beauty is also a great source of enjoyment, and its rolling hills, lush vineyards and rugged western coastline provide an amazing backdrop to any Tuscany holiday villa.

As the region’s capital, Florence is one of the most popular and widely visited destinations for all kinds of holidaymakers, whether they are staying in a traditional town house or a Tuscany luxury villa.  Known as ‘the cradle of the Renaissance’ and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, the sheer volume and quality of artwork that can be seen is breathtaking.  The city is full of must-see attractions from exquisite palaces and cathedrals to intricately designed churches and statues.  Highlights found from Tuscany villas in this area include the Basilica of San Lorenzo’s Laurentian Library designed by the famous Michelangelo, and the Pitti Palace, one of Florence’s largest structures. 

One of the most prominent sights that will inspire visitors to a Tuscany villa here is the church of Santa Maria del Fiori, a magnificent Gothic cathedral that overlooks the city.

The region is a centre for art and there are numerous galleries to explore amidst its astonishing scenery.  The Uffizi Gallery in Florence is one of the country’s most renowned art venues and a great day out from a Tuscany villa.  It showcases a variety of amazing works including Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, as well as those of other influential artists such as Caravaggio, Raphael and Leonardo da Vinci.

Visitors renting a Tuscany villa within a reasonable distance of the city can also visit the Accademia gallery, home to one of Italy’s most iconic artworks, Michelangelo’s statue of David. Other interesting locations which may be close to some Tuscany villa rentals include the Bargello Museum and the Alabaster Museum in Volterra.

If you are looking for scenic destinations filled with charm and character, the city of Sienna is also a worthwhile place to visit.  An historic treasure trove, it is packed with Gothic architecture and contains a spacious square where the medieval horse race of Corsa del Palio is still run each summer.  For amazing natural views, many properties and luxury villas in Tuscany can be found close to some of the region’s most beautiful scenery. In the north, the area of Mugello displays an impressive terrain of lush valleys leading to the Tuscan-Emilia Appennines, whereas in the south visitors to a Tuscany villa near to Maremma can enjoy sights of eye-catching beaches, wooded hills and ancient ruins.  The beauty of the Chianti region is particularly renowned and its picturesque blend of gentle hillsides and plains sprinkled with fertile olive groves is an unforgettable setting for a Tuscany villa holiday.

There is an array of activities for tourists to try in the region.  Whether you would prefer an energetic hike through the valleys or relaxing in a Tuscany villa with a pool, there is a pursuit to suit your tastes.  As well as sightseeing, you can also indulge in some great shopping, a scenic bike ride or a delicious meal at one of the local restaurants.  There are also a variety of classes to find from a Tuscany villa that teach traditional cooking or the Italian language, meaning that you can recreate a little part of your holiday once you’ve returned home.  If you are looking for outdoor adventure from a Tuscany villa, look no further than the region’s coastline for some exciting water sports or to its dramatic plains for a scenic walk or horse ride.  During the winter months, skiers seeking standard accommodation or luxury villas in Tuscany can enjoy the fantastic runs created by the snowfall over the mountains.

Browse through a great selection of holiday homes and choose from a range of facilities, property types and location.  A Tuscany villa holiday allows you to take in the breathtaking vistas of this remarkable region in addition to exploring its magnificent array of art, so find the perfect Tuscany villa and begin your Italian adventure today.