Sorrento Villas

Looking out from rocky cliffs, with the distant sights of Mount Vesuvius across the clear blue waters and the fragrant aromas of orange and lemon groves drifting from the valleys, it is easy to see why Sorrento is such a popular location to visit. The town itself is situated in the region of Campania, on the Sorrentine Peninsula in south western Italy and offers an incredibly picturesque landscape for those staying in a Sorrento villa.  Visitors to the area can enjoy diverse scenery and a variety of activities and interesting historical artefacts.  The town boasts many attractions and there is a sight to appeal to every guest on a Sorrento villa holiday, from the amazing coastline with views over the Bay of Naples to the Piazza Tasso, the town’s historic main square.

Sorrento has an abundance of historical and cultural treasures which can be found by simply taking a leisurely walk through its streets.  The old town centre is definitely a site of interest when visiting and guests at a Sorrento villa can see a range of different buildings of varying architectural styles.  From beautiful cathedrals such as the Saint Antonio Basilica and the church of San Francesco to the partial ruins of an ancient Greek enclosure, many of the structures display the region’s interesting past occupations and religious beliefs.  Taking a holiday in a Sorrento villa is a great way to discover the wealth of fascinating sights that the town provides, as well as the chance to witness some of the beautiful well-tended gardens, dramatic coastline and quaint streets that surrounds them.

The town is well placed in its proximity to other significant and interesting locations, which means that visitors staying in a Sorrento villa can enjoy excursions to a number of places such as Naples, Ischia, Pompeii and the Island of Capri.  There are plenty of transport options and tourists can easily get to various locations by bus, train, hydrofoil and mini-cruise.  For the more immediate area around Sorrento villas, walking and cycling are popular ways to explore and there are hiking trails and paths throughout the region.  People who plan on renting a car whilst staying in a Sorrento villa may wish to take the scenic route of the Amalfi Drive, a stretch of road which winds along the coast and connects the towns of Sorrento and Amalfi.  

The drive offers stunning views of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the opportunity to discover plenty of interesting towns and rural villages. The region has a remarkable past which guests at a Sorrento villa can learn about further in one of its museums.  The Museum Correale di Terranova is a popular attraction for tourists, boasting three floors of both Neopolitan and European artworks ranging from paintings to archaeological finds and inlaid furniture.  The historic building which houses the collection also has its own beautiful gardens, which visitors can tour. Another place of interest is the Archaeological Museum of the Sorrentine Peninsula.  If you want to learn more about the geography of the landscape surrounding your Sorrento villa, you may wish to visit the Mineralogical museum.  There are many displays which feature around 3,500 minerals, including debris from Mount Vesuvius and minerals with fluorescent qualities. 

Holidaymakers staying at a Sorrento villa can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, swimming, boat cruises and horse-riding.  Shopping is also a popular pastime for guests renting a Sorrento villa and there is a range of goods to purchase from the shops scattered around the town square.  For a souvenir to remember your stay in a Sorrento villa, products that can be found include clothes, jewellery, fruit preserves and traditional inlaid wood crafts.  People with a taste for high-end fashion may want to take a trip from their Sorrento villa to Capri, where there is a selection of designer shops and boutiques.

Sorrento offers its guests the perfect romantic setting, a fascinating sightseeing trip or an adventurous summer holiday.  It has a mixture of attractions and facilities which young and old alike staying in a Sorrento villa can enjoy, including a selection of beaches, shops and nightclubs.  There are also a number of inviting restaurants in the area which offer the perfect place to take a break between shopping or relax after a day’s sightseeing.  Guests to a Sorrento villa can try a number of hearty Mediterranean dishes in these eateries, ranging from delicious seafood spaghetti to sfogliatelle - an Italian pastry with a flavoured ricotta filling.

Whether you are looking for luxury villas in Sorrento where you can spend your time relaxing in the sunshine with a refreshing drink or a homely apartment that provides a great base for exploring the local area, the search options can help you to find the ideal holiday accommodation.  To make sure that you choose the right property for your needs, each of the listings for a Sorrento villa features a number of details about the accommodation.