Sardinia Villas

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea lies the breathtaking island of Sardinia, rich in soft, sandy beaches, ancient relics and culture.  There is a vast array of influences on the island including Spanish, Baroque and of course Italian, so wherever the Sardinia villa is situated you are bound to be surrounded by a variety of beautiful villages and towns.  The unique mix of Sardinia’s distinctive past means that it has a strong character that separates it from mainland Italy, with a rustic flare in cuisine and an array of local festivals.  Of course the scenery of the island is also renowned, with each villa in Sardinia being set amid a famous landscape of rugged mountains, picturesque harbours, white beaches and lush valleys.   

The inspirational coastline of the island is one of the main attractions of Sardinia villa holidays, as the turquoise sea and pure sands of its beaches are among the best in Europe.  The famous and popular Costa Smeralda, which is also known as the “Emerald Coast”, on the north west of the island is one of the most popular for holidaymakers.  If you rent a holiday villa in Sardinia in this area you will be spoilt for choice when you want to spend a day in the sun.  If you want space head to the largest beach in the region Spiaggia Liscia Ruia, alternatively the smaller twin beaches of Capriccioli boast picturesque settings with pretty views.  Jetsetters staying in Sardinia in luxury villas can often be found on the glamorous sands of Spiaggia del Principe.

If the glitzy facet of the island does appeal be sure to explore Porto Cervo, a man made harbour town that is awash with designer boutiques, supersized yachts and celebrities.  If you are searching for villas to rent in Sardinia that will combine relaxed days and lively nights, Porto Cervo is the right place to head to, as there are a selection of elite clubs and bars.  Golfers may also head near the town for the 18-hole Pevero golf course, which is considered to be one of Italy’s most challenging courses.  The dramatic mountains of the island’s northern interior provide an inspirational setting for many Sardinia villas and there are great walking routes in the lush interior.

The island’s capital Cagliari, on the southernmost tip of Sardinia, offers another facet of the island.  A variety of historical sights are in the town’s medieval district Castello, which is still marked by 14th century towers and an ancient bastion wall.  During the day you can take in the sights of the area, which is perched on a hill top, at leisure.  If you are staying in one of the nearby Sardinia holiday villas you may want to also visit at night when there is a selection of unique bars in the centre.  There are many more medieval sights to be admired around the city and hours can be happily spent at the Cittadella dei Musei, a museum complex with relics and exhibitions on art, archaeology and antiquity.  Sardinia villa holidays are also popular in the city because of its astoundingly beautiful natural harbour and Poetto Beach, which is only a few minutes from Cagliari’s centre.

Historic and natural treasures are scattered throughout the island, meaning that you will have plenty of places of interest near a villa in Sardinia.  There is believed to be about 8,000 Nuraghes (megalithic structures) on the island, many of which are built in the shape of a beehive.  Another highlight of the island that can be reached from a Sardinia villa is the mesmerising cave of Neptune’s Grotto, accessible by boat or bus, but be warned this involves climbing down 654 steps to the caves.  During a Sardinia villa holiday you may also have the opportunity to see some of the Roman relics of the island, such as the awe-inspiring Roman Amphitheatre in Cagliari which was built in the 2nd century AD.