Puglia Villas

In southeast Italy lies the pretty area of Puglia, a coastal region that is filled with incredible beauty.  The region is bordered by the Adriatic and Ionian seas and the southern part of the area, named the Salento Peninsula, makes up the high heel on Italy’s ‘boot’.  Although most of the region is located by the sea, there is a range of lush and beautiful countryside which complements the 800km of stunning coastline that brings people to stay at a Puglia villa. The region has six provinces, all of which have their own unique charms and attractions to enchant their visitors and inhabitants.  Apulia, as it is also known, has retained its traditional charm so those who choose to rent a villa in Puglia can indulge in an authentic Italian experience amongst delightful scenery.  Many Italians take their holidays in the region, meaning there is an abundance of Puglia villas for holidaymakers to choose from.

No matter when you choose to rent a villa in Puglia, there is a wealth of activities for visitors in the area to enjoy.  The region has over 20 protected and preserved parks and nature reserves that are well worth a visit during a Puglia villa holiday.  Garango National Park is one of the most well-known parks in Puglia and it is home to numerous habitats that represent the diverse scenery of the Mediterranean.  In the park you can witness incredible flora and fauna like deer, many birds and holly trees as you walk or cycle one of the 40 cycle tracks and walking trails.  You may also like to visit the castle of Mont Sant’Angelo which dates back to 979AD and is located inside the park’s perimeters.  This well-known park is situated near Foggia, another popular area in Puglia.

One of the region’s six provinces, Lecce, has many highlights and a lot of character to offer its visitors and those staying in Puglia villas.  There are many impressive monuments and landmarks in the province and those that visit will be greeted by masses of Baroque architecture, which makes the landscape incredibly interesting and a true feast for the eyes.  As you stroll around Lecce, decorative churches, ornate squares and pretty streets become visible as well as some of the area’s most famous landmarks such as Via Vittorio Emanuele.  During a Puglia villa holiday you can take a leisurely walk down Via Vittorio Emanuele, the province’s main street which is filled with shops and cafés.  Elsewhere in Lecce the Piazza del Duomo, a beautiful cathedral square with ornate buildings, monuments and a cathedral, is worth a visit, or perhaps you would rather sample some of the delicious olive oil and wines which are the area’s main exports.

As well as pretty towns, provinces and glorious countryside and parks, Puglia is also popular because of its spectacular coast.  Seaside towns such as Vieste are popular with visitors who book Puglia villas due to its numerous small sandy beaches that have received Blue Flag status because of their cleanliness and facilities.  There are a variety of seaside resorts and beaches in Puglia that are interspersed with rocky coves, grottos and inlets, some more popular than others.  The Salentine Peninsula offers some of the cleanest and clear bathing waters in Italy amongst its vivid green inlets.  Many of these outstanding resorts have yet to be discovered by tourists from outside of Italy, which gives the region an authentic Italian feel that is a delight to experience on a Puglia villa holiday.

There is so much to enjoy in this remarkable Italian region that visitors are often spoilt for choice.   Picturesque old towns, incredible natural scenery and unique Puglian architecture, such as the conical stone dwellings named trulli that were traditionally built in the area, make up the region’s landscape. Another great reason to book a Puglia villa is the delicious fresh produce which you can cook yourself or enjoy in one of the many local restaurants.  Puglia produces a vast amount of Italy’s pasta and olive oil, two of the country’s biggest exports, and local producers make tasty mozzarella cheese and grow crops of juicy tomatoes, melon, fennel and figs.  Treat all of your senses during a holiday at a Puglia villa.