Lucca Villas

Encircled in ancient medieval walls in the heart of Tuscany’s hills, an understated gem lies surrounded by breathtaking scenery.  Lucca villa holidays are popular due to the commune’s quiet charm which shows traditional Italy at its purest.  Along a maze of quaint winding streets, ancient bell towers, pastel coloured houses and enticing cafés are waiting to be discovered at every corner.  Better still many people are yet to discover the secrets of this idyllic haven, making Lucca villas ideal for people seeking a more serene atmosphere for their Italian getaway.

Lucca’s inviting climate is ideal for enjoying scenic walks and bike rides in and around the city’s 16th century walls, which gives you the chance to take in some of the beautiful surrounding countryside.  If you do explore the scenery outside the city walls during a Lucca villa holiday you will find endless poppy fields, olive trees and lush valleys which are adorned by hill-top settlements and rustic farmhouses.

The rich history of Lucca has created an array of interesting sights with a mix of Roman and Renaissance landmarks.  Many of the sights are in the centre of Lucca, where a Roman amphitheatre was built.  Over time houses were built on the remains before it was rebuilt in 1830.  If you visit here during a Lucca villa holiday you will still be able to see remainders of the Piazza Anfiteatro’s ancient past.  The piazza still has the shape of the amphitheatre, but is lined by a collection of colourful shops where you will find a variety of traditional Italian goods and food.  There may also be musical events and fairs held in the piazza during your holiday at a Lucca villa.

A variety of charming churches can be found in the commune, each boasting its own unique character and stories to share with guests staying at Lucca villas.  The Romanesque San Frediano church is a must-see thanks to its stunning white marble interior and extraordinary baptismal font, with an intricate sculpture of the story of Moses.  There will also be plenty of time for visiting other religious landmarks during your stay at a villa in Lucca, such as the Duomo of San Martino which is a fantastic blend of different architectural periods, including Gothic and Italian styles.  The greatest treasure of the cathedral is the Volto Santo, an ancient wooden crucifix with Christ depicted on it.  After taking in the breathtaking cathedral visit its museum to learn more about its creation and history.

Art lovers staying in villas in Lucca may also want to visit the town’s art gallery, Pinacoteca Nazionale, which is inside one of Lucca’s most extravagant mansions.  Inside there is a fantastic collection of paintings from the 14th to 18th centuries. There are works by Lucchese painters such as Ridolfi and Marcucc, as well as furniture and fabrics from the 18th to 20th centuries.  Another artistic highlight close to villas in Lucca is the Museo Guinigi, which exhibits mesmerising sculptures as well as archaeological remains and paintings.

Viewing the city’s unique layout from one of the commune’s bell towers, which you can climb for a small entrance fee, is a must whilst staying in a villa in Lucca. From there you can admire the unique shape of Lucca’s circular design as well as enjoy views of the vast surrounding countryside, which you may want to explore further.

Many people choose to stay in a modern apartment or a luxury villa in Lucca for a peaceful break but still spend a day visiting the busier destinations of Siena of Florence, which you can reach by train or car.  There are also many lesser known settlements and sights on Tuscany’s hills that are reachable from villas in Lucca including the beautiful medieval town of San Gimignano.