Ischia Villas

The mountainous island of Ischia is home to some breathtaking scenery, as well as impressive natural wonders and glorious weather.  Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the island attracts numerous holidaymakers who book an Ischia villa to indulge in the natural volcanic activity, which has created some incredible mud and thermal hot springs.  The mountainous landscape and natural volcanic activity attract many people to the island year after year, who may also like to enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and spa resorts.  Whether you are looking for a relaxing getaway with lots of sun and sand or a more energetic break with hikes in the mountains, an Ischia villa holiday is the perfect way to explore this striking destination.

The biggest and most popular town on the island shares the same name as the island, Ischia, and it has two centres – Ischia Porto and Ischia Ponte.  Ischia Porto is the livelier of the two centres whilst the latter is more peaceful and relaxing.  Many people who book an Ischia villa access the island from Ischia Porto which has a number of bars and restaurants that line its pretty harbour.   At night the atmosphere is extremely lively with many piano bars providing a fun filled atmosphere.  During the day you may like to take a boat trip from the harbour around the island to get a good look at the sights.  Ischia Ponte is also worth a visit during an Ischia villa holiday as you can visit one of the island’s most popular attractions – the Castello Aragonese (Aragonese Castle), which dominates the isle.

As well as the town of Ischia, the island also has other towns and villages to please its visitors.  Forio is one of the most popular destinations on the island with many highlights to attract those staying in an Ischia villa nearby.  The town is home to some of the isle’s famous hot springs, which can be enjoyed at two different locations – the Sorgeto Hot Springs and the Poseidon Gardens.  At both of these destinations you can relax in the natural bathing pools and the warm rock pools that gush out into the sea.  Elsewhere in the town, Villa La Colombaia is a delightful place to visit with its beautiful gardens and events.  This Ischia villa is dedicated to the director Luchino Visconti and throughout the year many cultural activities take place, such as art exhibitions, workshops, music and theatre.

There are many Ischia villas on the island that have beautifully landscaped gardens which visitors can admire all year through.  Forio is home to many of these villas and their gardens, which are well worth a visit during a holiday in Ischia.  As well as Villa La Colombaia, Villa Ravino has an incredible Botanical Garden that you may like to visit.  However, the most popular gardens in Forio are those of La Mortella.  The English composer William Walton originally owned this villa and its gardens and today the gardens are looked after and dedicated to his memory.  In this Ischia villa’s garden you can see an impressive selection of Mediterranean and tropical plants, whilst indoors there is a recital room where many renowned musicians perform regularly.

While visiting Ischia you may like to indulge in some of the delicious foods and wines of this pretty Italian region. Many local, family run restaurants offer you a delightful Italian experience during a Ischia villa holiday, where you can sample traditional coastal Italian cuisine which includes delectable seafood, pasta and pizza of the famous Neapolitan variety. Your Ischia villa also gives you the perfect opportunity to cook with Italy’s famous fresh produce. Whatever you are looking for you are sure to find it on the island of Ischia which offers many people a unique holiday experience.