Amalfi Coast Villas

This wonderful region of Italy has been accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its unique charm and undeniably picturesque scenery, which is why Amalfi Coast villas make a perfect base from which to explore.  Situated south of Naples in Campania, the Amalfi Coast boasts a remarkable blend of rich history with abounding nature.  The unbeatable views and typically Mediterranean sunshine complement pretty coloured houses and quaint churches which embrace the craggy cliff sides.  The steep mountain walls provide breathtaking vistas of the Mediterranean’s sparkling water in this exceptionally romantic setting.  Amalfi Coast villa holidays are ideal for exploring the exquisite landscape which is home to fruitful olive groves, vineyards and ripened lemon trees.

The coastal town of Amalfi is renowned for its hairpin bends and cavernous bays that are dotted along the shores.  Its ninth century Duomo (cathedral), which perches at the top of a large flight of stairs, towers over the principal piazza.  The town’s cloister and museum can also be found nearby and are home to impressive mosaics, sculptures and remnants of the town’s affluent history.  Although Amalfi town is small there are plenty of souvenir shops and quaint cafés where you can relax and watch the world go by.  Whilst enjoying an Amalfi Coast villa holiday you might like to stroll along the tranquil seafront to admire the mixture of luxury yachts and small fishing boats that are docked at the marina and harbour. The small fishing village of Cetera is well known for its flavoursome anchovy sauce and red tuna.

However Conca dei Marini is famous for its Grotto della Smeralda, more familiarly known as the Emerald Cave.  The cave acquired its name from the green glow which emanates from the water due to sunlight refracting off its surface.  The cave can be reached by boat and it is definitely worth a visit when renting an Amalfi Coast villa to witness the ghostly ambience that illuminates the stalactites and stalagmites. 

During an Amalfi Coast villa holiday there are many other villages and towns to explore that are located around the stunning coast, which are accessible by public transport and ferries that run regularly.  Another great place to go and see when staying at an Amalfi Coast villa is Ferriere Valley Nature Reserve which was first established in 1972 and stretches over 455 hectares amid the Scala mountains and the sloping valleys of the Canneto River.  Here you can witness a wide variety of Italy’s plant and animal species such as giant ferns, salamanders, woodpeckers and kestrels, to name just a few. 

Another interesting place which you can travel to when you rent a villa on the Amalfi Coast is the Isle of Capri.  The island is surrounded in rich history and ancient myths that are in complete contrast to the abundant designer boutiques which reflect the town’s deserved reputation for being an exclusive and sophisticated destination.  Capri successfully combines simplicity and unspoilt scenery with the allure and vivacity of its famous Piazzetta and fashionable town which have been immortalised by many fashion icons and Hollywood stars.

No stay at an Amalfi Coast villa would be complete without taking a trip to the ancient town of Pompeii. Teeming with fascinating history, the narrow streets lead to many wondrous sights which tell of the town’s interesting past. The town’s ancient remains give a spectacular insight into what life used to be like, which is why it has become one of the most significant archaeological sites anywhere in the world.