Holiday Villa in Cannes

Visit the French Riviera and relax in splendid surroundings when you choose to book aholiday villa in Cannes.  This popular destination exudes sophistication and culture and offers a luxuriant ambience at every turn.  The history of Cannes and its modern day affluence can be attributed to the English Lord Chancellor, Lord Brougham.  So enamoured with the landscapes, he decided to relocate to the village, as it was then, and built an Italian style villa next to Cannes.  He then went on to invite his colleagues to join him in this beautiful place.  Lord Brougham wrote of the delectable orange groves and the wonderful vistas which would greet him each morning.  Although the town is now a bustling cosmopolitan of diverse types of people, the surroundings are just as delightful as Lord Brougham once described and when you reside in a holiday villa in Cannes, you will appreciate how he was enticed to stay. 

With such a varying population of people who have settled here from all over the world, Cannes has acquired a magnificent culinary range.  As well as sampling the delicious French cuisine you can experience Italian, Mexican, Greek and Armenian food.  There are numerous environments in which to savour the local cooking, ranging from quaint patisseries and tea rooms to superlative restaurants where one might spy a celebrity or two.  The Cannes Film Festival attracts the most affluent and creative of people from all over the globe and therefore there is a choice of luxury holiday villas in Cannes for you to choose from.

You can choose to stay on the outskirts of the town or envelop yourself fully in the atmosphere of Cannes by staying at a villa as close to the centre as possible.  Families are readily catered for with an assortment of villas ranging from cosy abodes to sizeable properties.   With such a variety of holiday villas in Cannes, you are certain to find one that meets with your requirements.

The location of Holiday Villas in Cannes, amidst such beautiful countryside and its proximity to the coast ensures you have the option of partaking in numerous activities.  Amongst the leisure pursuits in the area are surfing, mountaineering, horse riding, golf and cycling.  Water sports are highly popular in Cannes and you can water ski, snorkel, jet-ski or simply go sailing if you so wish.  Of course, when you holiday in Cannes you may want to embark on a wine tour and taste the most appealing wines of the region. 

Although now renowned for its glamorous patrons and surroundings, Cannes is also home to some superb museums and galleries.  The Musée de la Castre is an intriguing museum, situated inside a medieval castle.  Within its unique exterior lie antique instruments, artefacts and art and it is an extensively visited attraction throughout the year.  For those interested in maritime traditions, perhaps visit the Musée de la Mer which is inside a fort off the coast of Cannes on the island of St. Margeurite.  This fort was used to depict the jail in the film “The Man in the Iron Mask” and is filled with wonderful archaeological discoveries retrieved from shipwrecks and historic sites.

Cannes has a healthy mix of galleries exhibiting both modern and classical from local artists and surrounding areas.  When venturing from a holiday villa in Cannes, perhaps peruse the exhibits at Gallery du Carlton which houses works by Chagall, Picasso and Renoir amongst other great artists. 

One cannot describe Cannes without mentioning the famous film festival which began in 1946 and takes place here every year. As the festival approaches, the town becomes alive with anticipation and a celebratory atmosphere is obvious.  When staying at a holiday villa in Cannes you can experience the sophistication and perhaps be amongst the glitterati at festival time.