Holiday Cottages in Ireland

Discover the famous charms of the Emerald Isle, from the renowned Celtic culture to the island's extraordinary scenery.  Holiday cottages in Ireland are scattered along the length and breadth of the region, offering you the chance to explore dramatic coastline, cosmopolitan cities and rural delights.  Ireland's rich past means that there are many historical treasures to be found, including medieval castles and ancient landmarks.  There is plenty to do and see whilst staying in holiday cottages in Ireland including a wide range of outdoor activities such as horse riding and surfing.  Both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have their own distinctive character, making them interesting countries to visit at any time of the year.  

Northern Ireland is home to the two major cities of Derry and Belfast.  The country's capital, Belfast, is very popular with people staying at holiday cottages in Ireland due to its cosmopolitan ambience and variety of sights.  The Titanic was famously built in Belfast and you can learn more about it by visiting the Ulster Folk and Transport Museum.  The historic city of Derry is a must-see whilst staying in a holiday cottage in Ireland as it is the only walled city left in the UK.  The city is over 1, 400 years old but is fantastically preserved and the perfect place for a day of leisurely sightseeing.  Deep valleys have been created by the mighty River Foyle, the banks of which Derry is situated on.   

The Giants Causeway is a popular attraction for many people staying in holiday cottages in Ireland. The natural phenomenon is a unique landscape of distinctive rock formations, created by volcanic eruptions 60 years ago.  Keen walkers can explore the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty by walking along the 11 mile coastal path to Carrick-a-Rede.  Another area of exceptional natural beauty is The Mourne Mountains, which were the inspirations of CS Lewis's Narnia.  The majestic peaks are scattered along a stretch of just 15 miles.  The area is popular with outdoor enthusiasts staying in holiday cottages in Ireland as a wide range of activities can be enjoyed there including mountain boarding, rock climbing and horse riding.

Moving south into the mighty Republic of Ireland, lush countryside and craggy coastline are waiting to be discovered.  The County of Donegal is an extremely popular location for holiday cottages in Ireland due to its breathtaking beaches and rugged beauty.  The Gulf Stream provides warm seas that make the region perfect if you are looking for holiday cottages in Ireland in a coastal area.   This means that the coast is perfect for water activities such as surfing, swimming, deep sea diving and paddling.  If you visit the Irish county whilst staying in a holiday cottage in Ireland be sure to make time to see the enthralling An Grianan Ailigh, a 244m high ancient ring fort.  From this historic landmark you can enjoy awe-inspiring views of the surrounding countryside.

For mythical landscapes shrouded in history head towards the Midlands for a fantastic range of holiday cottages.  Ireland boasts immense beauty in this region with the majestic River Shannon, vast plains and rustic villages.  Horse lovers should head to County Kildare which is renowned for producing some of the finest thoroughbreds in the world.  Heading to the East Coast from a holiday cottage in Ireland you will reach the epic Wicklow Mountains National Park.  Amid an inspirational landscape of lush woodlands and mountain bogs you will find fascinating wildlife and flora, such as rare orchids and the stately Peregrine Falcon.  Explore the park by foot or bike to take in the astounding beauty of the natural wonder in your own time.    

Holiday cottages in Ireland's mainland also offer access to the well-known capital of the Republic, Dublin.  The historic city boasts a huge personality and is filled with quirky touches, such as brightly coloured Georgian doors.  The city is famed for its pubs, meaning that there is an array to choose from, as well as plenty of shopping opportunities.  There are also many magnificent parks within the city, including the inspirational Phoenix Park.  At 700 hectors it is one of the largest parks in the world and home to manicured gardens, ancient woods, tranquil lakes and red deer.  Guests in holiday cottages in Ireland close to the capital can enjoy the park's many attractions which include a zoo and a Victorian garden.

Holiday cottages in Ireland offer you the opportunity to experience all the wonders of the Irish, from their friendly villages to the cosmopolitan cities.  You can choose from a wide variety of properties, from seaside cottages to inviting country havens.