Cottages in France

Immerse yourself in the Gallic charms, lush countryside, historical towns and villages when you holiday at cottages in France.  With an array of beautiful locations and coastal retreats, France is the perfect destination for your European holiday.  When you stay at a cottage in France, you can experience the sophistication of the cuisine and the myriad of culture in this cosmopolitan haven as you envelop yourself in the romance of the French vistas. 

For those who savour the delights of wonderful wines and delicious food, you may wish to reside at a traditional cottage in France in Bordeaux.  Visit the vineyards and partake in tastings before perhaps choosing which wine should accompany the delectable local cheeses.  Not only does this city produce widely acclaimed wines but due to its location, it is also ideal for those who wish to visit stunning beaches and coastal attractions.  Bordeaux is a city enriched by history and culture which is evident in its architecture and the abundance of museums and galleries within its immediate locale.  Of course, the ultimate retreat is to the enchanting region of Champagne.  As well as being renowned for its premium effervescent wines, you can also visit the many monuments and ornate cathedrals in the Champagne area.  This province has an assortment of cottages in France in which you can relax at the end of a busy day exploring the many attractions. 

The French countryside lends itself to a variety of outdoor activities and the cottages in France are in locations which allow you to pursue horse riding, cycling, and walking in stunning settings.  If you choose to stay in accommodation by the coast, you can benefit from being within the vicinity of many water sports and may wish to participate in boating, water skiing or wind surfing. 

For remarkable architecture visit the decadent Renaissance castles of the Loire Valley and marvel at these ornate structures which adorn the banks of the Loire River.  This area attracts tourists all year round and in summer the beautiful gardens in the vicinity serve to add to the romance of the landscape.  When you set off from a cottage in France, be sure to visit the museums which hold great antiquities of the Gallic past.  France is known for the ingenious works of its native artists and its galleries display works by artists from all over the globe.  Perhaps the most visited gallery and museum is the Louvre in Paris and as the home to Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, it tempts visitors from near and far.  You may wish to embark on an excursion from a cottage in France and peruse the exquisite art held within the walls of the Louvre.  Its exterior is alluring in itself, with the modern glass pyramid at the entrance creating a direct contrast to the extravagant and historic façade of the palace.

Experience the elegance of the South of France when you stay in delightful accommodation in the Côte d'Azur and choose to immerse yourself in the luxury of the restaurants and boutiques of St Tropez, or discover the secluded locations just outside the town.  Gigaro is one such location with its villa-lined beach which stretches luxuriantly beside sparkling azure waters.  This is an ideal retreat for those wishing to escape the throngs of tourists and for individuals seeking a tranquil holiday. 

Whichever cottage in France you choose for your vacation, you can be assured of comfort in a charming setting.