Fuerteventura villas

The island of Fuerteventura is drenched in sunshine no matter what time of year you travel and has spectacular sweeping coastline, which makes it the perfect setting for a beach holiday in a Fuerteventura villa.  The warm clear waters, miles of pristine beaches and impressive sand dunes attract many visitors with its great water sports. 

The sightseeing opportunities from a Fuerteventura villa do not just stop at the coastline and its fabulous resorts, travel further inland and you will find a striking landscape of magnificent mountain ranges accompanied by dramatic plateaus and sweeping plains.

Many people go to Fuerteventura for the amazing array of activities that it offers.  As an island, water sports are common and surfing is a great option when renting a Fuerteventura villa because of the quality of the waves.  The area is renowned for its sports and the southern region of Jandía even plays host to the Windsurfing and Kiteboarding World Cup, which you may be able to see when staying in a Fuerteventura villa in the summer months. Snorkelling and scuba diving are another enjoyable way to spend an afternoon as the ocean waters are so remarkably clear and filled with such diverse marine life.  If you have never tried any of the activities before or would just like to brush up on your skills, there are plenty of teaching centres across the island.

There is a great selection of bars and restaurants for guests staying in a Fuerteventura villa to choose from, especially around the larger tourist resorts.  The cuisine in these areas is largely international, so if you are looking for some authentic Spanish delights from a Fuerteventura villa it is best to head for the local harbour or further inland, where you can find some fantastic tapas bars and fish restaurants. 

There is also a number of excellent shopping facilities which can be found reasonably close to a Fuerteventura villa, which range from bustling outdoor markets selling local crafts to souvenir shops and large centres with a variety of stores.

Whether you are looking for interesting towns or stunning natural attractions, Fuerteventura has it all. In the north, Corralejo is a popular location and it offers visitors a charming harbour, a great array of facilities and the Grandes Playas de Corralejo, a group of spectacular sand dunes and a protected nature reserve.  A Fuerteventura villa in this area will also be close to some of the island’s best nightlife, along with those near to Caleta de Fuste. In the south, the region of Jandía is famous for its beautiful and expansive sandy beaches, which are backed by picturesque sand dunes and volcanic mountains.  This area is ideal for those renting a Fuerteventura villa that are looking for a holiday that balances both land and water based activities and offers incredibly pretty surroundings rather than a vibrant social scene.

If you travel away from the coast, you will begin to discover a series of charming towns filled with quaint market squares, cobbled streets and traditional Spanish houses.  Often a Fuerteventura villa will also be close to museums and historic landmarks, such as the restored Antigua Windmill or the carvings at Mount Tindaya.  There is a multitude of interesting locations and sights to see from a Fuerteventura villa and if you want to explore all that the island has to offer outside of your local area, then car hire is the best option.  A particularly noteworthy sight accessible from a Fuerteventura villa close to the coastal resort of Corralejo is the nature reserve of Los Lobos Island, a serene habitat for an array of animal and plant life which can be reached by a short boat ride.

There are various attractions that appeal to all the family which can be found close to a Fuerteventura villa.  Zoos, adventure parks, nature reserves and stunning gardens are just some of the options when looking for days out. Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands and the fourth, Lanzarote, can be easily reached by boat or cruise, making it an extremely popular excursion. If you are staying in a Fuerteventura villa close to the coast and would like to make the trip to Lanzarote, make sure to visit the Timanfaya National Park.  This location displays the island’s volcanic landscape at its best, with dormant volcanoes and hot geysers.

Enjoy the island's spectacular landscape and gorgeous weather with a Fuerteventura villa that specifically suits your needs.  By browsing the website you can find a large selection of properties from budget to luxury accommodation, in a range of styles and locations.  Once you have selected the property that you want, all that is left to do is book your perfect Fuerteventura villa for a remarkable holiday.