Almeria Villas

Almeria is the most eastern capital of Andalucía and is situated at the foothills of a small mountain range which is home to the charming Arab fortress otherwise known as Alcazaba.  Dating back to 955AD the exquisite fortress is a reminder of Almeria’s past, its walls dominate the city and overlook the capital and its Gothic-Renaissance cathedral.  Below the fortress you can discover the city’s diverse landscape that makes a fascinating and striking backdrop for holidays at Almeria villas.  Dramatic coastline and pretty beaches are interspersed with jagged cliffs and idyllic coves. 

Besides its stunning coast and contrasting architecture, there is a wealth of interesting attractions to visit during a stay at Almeria villas.  Mini-Hollywood lies amid the Tabernas, which is Europe’s only desert, and it is a superb day out for adults and children alike.  The realistic looking film set has been the backcloth for a host of Spaghetti Western films such as A Fistful of Dollars and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  The theme park, which is the oldest in the area, is open to the public and is less than an hour’s drive away from Almeria.  The set is open as a tourist attraction and you can enjoy live performances that typify the Western film style when you choose to stay at Almeria villas.

The cathedral, which can be found in the old part of the city, has some architectural similarities to a fortress yet the north side of the building has an ornate exterior which was designed by Juan de Orea.  When venturing from Almeria villas you can admire the six Gothic towers that would have held cannons in times gone by, protecting the inhabitants from pirate attacks.  At the heart of the cathedral the ostentatious altar exhibits several pieces of priceless art which includes an 18th century intricate tabernacle, a statue of Saint Indaletius (patron saint of Almeria) and glorious paintings by Alonso Cañón.  When frequenting Almeria villas the cathedral is most definitely worth a visit.

There are several towns close by that are worth exploring when you stay at a villa in Almeria, all of which are located within the province.  Mojácar is an enchanting town where quaint houses nestle into the side of the hilltop and overlook the sandy beach and azure water.  The town is made up of narrow winding streets and its active beach scene has helped it to become one of the most exciting destinations in this region of Spain.  Those frequenting Almeria villas may wish to journey inland to witness the wonderful sight of the troglodyte villages.  Modern-day inhabitants of caves have skilfully carved their homes into the soft rock in order to protect themselves from the heat of the sun.  You can see the unusual yet wonderful shapes of the caves buried within the sides of the rocky hills.

If you hire a car during an Almeria villa holiday you can explore many places, amongst which is Aguadulce, which was once a small fishing village belonging to Roquetas de Mar.  Situated only 13 kilometres from Almeria, Aguadulce has grown significantly in the last 75 years.  The town offers a variety of water sports at the charming marina, and the many interesting shops that can be found are a delight to explore.  Visitors staying at Almeria villas often enjoy the delicious fresh seafood in one of the many impressive restaurants that are dotted around the town.

For those of you who prefer dining out and socialising on an Almeria villa holiday, you can explore the many bars, restaurants and cafés that can be found in Almeria’s Old Town.  Almeria celebrates its tantalising restaurants and mouth-watering local speciality dishes such as Gurullos, which is pasta with stew, and the much loved Escabeche e Sardines which is fresh sardines served in a hot sauce.  During an Almeria villa holiday you can spend time relaxing amongst the local people or simply enjoy a cool drink at one of the bars as you watch the world go by.

Almeria villas provide the ideal base when looking for a wide range of sporting activities such as windsurfing, scuba diving, swimming, rock climbing and mountain biking, which is a great way to explore other parts of the city. You will certainly be greeted by countless things to see and do when you book a villa in Almeria and the idyllic ambience is a reflection of its breathtaking scenery.  There is a variety of different superb properties available to rent in Almeria, browse the website to discover Almeria villas that match your requirements.