Capri Villas

Off the shores of the Campania region lies the Italian island of Capri, a popular resort located in the Tyrrhenian Sea.  The craggy coast and affluent Capri villas have attracted people to the island ever since Roman times.  Beautiful scenery combines with vibrant bars, restaurants and shops, making it an ideal holiday destination.

The two towns on the island, named Capri and Anacapri, offer their visitors a different kind of experience, with Capri livelier and the latter more peaceful.  Exploring all of the highlights of this island is extremely easy when you book one of the Capri villas.

As the livelier of the two towns, Capri Town is overflowing with things for visitors to enjoy.  La Piazzetta is considered by many to be the centrepiece of the area and is the meeting place for locals and those on Capri villa holidays alike.  The small, courtyard-like square has Monte Solaro as an impressive backdrop as well as a white Clock Tower overlooking the square, which provides a charming setting for the many restaurants and bars that lay their tables out in the sun.  Visiting La Piazzetta during a stay at one of the Capri villas is a must.  Throughout the day you can escape the sun underneath an umbrella whilst at night you can enjoy socialising with others in the area with a drink, meal and a relaxing yet lively atmosphere.

Elsewhere in the town, the two ports named Marina Piccola and Marina Grande make the island accessible to both those beginning their Capri villa holiday and those visiting for a day trip from mainland Italy.  There are also many taxis and train services on the island that are ideal for getting around and seeing the sights.  Car rental is also great for exploring the scenery independently and at your own pace.  One of the most impressive natural sights that you can visit during your stay at one of the Capri villas is the Faraglioni Rocks.  A walk out to Punta Tragara gives visitors panoramic views of the rocks, which are home to a rare variety of blue lizard and rise out of the sea at the highest point of 109m.  The island also has its glamorous side which you can experience through its high-end boutiques and shops that line the picturesque narrow streets.

As well as Capri Town, Anacapri is also a pleasant destination that is well worth a visit for those staying in a Capri villa.  The town is quieter than its neighbour and has a pretty, rocky landscape.  One of the town’s biggest attractions is Monte Solaro, which can be reached in a couple of ways and makes a great day trip.  Visitors that are more energetic may like to reach the mountain by foot whilst those looking for a more relaxing break can reach the summit by chairlift.  Anacapri is perched on a plateau to the west of Capri and is accessed from the livelier town by a road that zigzags through the cliffs.

One of the best ways to take in all the delights of the island is on a boat trip.  These tours take you around Capri, enabling you to experience the craggy, flower-filled landscape from a great vantage point.  The rocky inlets, caves and small bays that line the coast are sure to make the trip memorable and invigorating, along with the bright blue waters and cliff faces that are filled with flora and fauna.  Whilst staying at one of the Capri villas you may want to visit the Blue Grotto.  The grotto is one of the most famous sights on the island and is filled with intense blue waters that shimmer in the silvery light.  Begin planning your dream Italian holiday and rent a villa in Capri.